Dan Allen Hughes, Jr., Endowed Director and Professor of Wildlife Management

Specialization: Big Game Ecology and Management

James A. “Buddy” Davidson Endowed Chair and Professor of Conservation Biology

Specialization: Carnivore Conservation, Population Modeling and Landscape Ecology

Executive Vice President and Provost, Professor of NRM

Specialization: Disturbance Ecology and Plant Biology

Kelly R. Thompson Professor of Quail Research, Chair and Associate Professor of NRM

Specialization: Upland Gamebird Ecology and Management

Research Scientist and Assistant Professor

Specialization: Agribusiness and Wetland Ecology

Dean of College of ANRS, Clint Josey Endowed Chair for Sustainable Ranch Management

Specialization: Rangeland Ecology and Sustainable Ranch Management

Nau Endowed Assistant Professor in Habitat Research and Management

Specialization: Big Game and Habitat Ecology and Management

Research Scientist

Specialization: Carnivore Ecology

Research Scientist

Specialization: Wintering Grassland Bird Conservation

Research Associate

Specialization: Upland Gamebird Ecology and Management

Research Associate

Specialization: Big Game Management and Student Research

Research Technician

Specialization: Carnivore Conservation

Senior Administrative and Publications Coordinator

Specialization: Office Management, Editing

Communications Consultant

Specialization: Media Communications