Photo courtesy of Michael Gray LIGHTS OUT, TEXAS! READ ARTICLE Each night and each light turned out helps save migrating birds. BORDERLANDS BIRDING BONANZA LAUNCHES IN WEST TEXAS READ ARTICLE Connecting people and birds. BORDERLANDS RESEARCH INSTITUTE STUDENTS AWARDED $66,000 IN SCHOLARSHIPS READ ARTICLE New Franklin and Virginia Law Scholarship Honors Legacy of West Texas Ranching Family. DIXON WATER FOUNDATION AWARDS GRANT TO BRI FOR SONGBIRD CONSERVATION PROGRAM READ ARTICLE This grant will fund field trips focused on birds and implement a citizen science project that will monitor bird populations on private ranches. NFWF AWARDS THIRD GRANT FOR GRASSLAND RESTORATION WORK READ ARTICLE The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has awarded a third six-figure grant to the Borderlands Research Institute for a grassland enhancement project in Marfa and Marathon. RESPECT BIG BEND NAMED TEXAN BY NATURE 2020 CONSERVATION WRANGLER READ ARTICLE Texan by Nature recognizes Respect Big Bend among six other projects across Texas


Episode #3

Learn more about Borderlands Birding Bonzana, a new series of outreach events this year to connect people with birds.
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Quail Histology and Parasites

Texas quail populations have declined primarily due to habitat loss. However, parasites may be a culprit too.


Josh Coward

Josh's upbringing taught him how to be resourceful and appreciate nature.