Ranch Mapping Program

The Ranch Mapping program provides landowners in the Trans-Pecos region with accurate, up-to-date maps of their property while also providing education and training for students in Natural Resource Management.

Students who have already been trained in the proper use of GPS techniques and mapping software will have the chance to apply that knowledge in a real world setting. Using the latest mapping technology, we will help you document the physical attributes of your ranch. In return for providing this learning opportunity, landowners will receive map products which will enhance their understanding and management of their property.

What We Do

During the initial consult, the BRI mapping team will work with landowners and managers to identify what information is most important for them to have. We will work together to provide a map product which will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will also be helpful in planning and day-to-day management of the ranch.

Then, members of the BRI mapping team will use remote sensing and on-the-ground verification to accurately map features of the ranch including:

  • Roads (with condition)
  • Fences and gates (with type and condition)
  • Infrastructure (footprints of buildings and structures)
  • Water (natural and man-made above ground water sources) and supplemental feeders
  • Habitat characteristics (e.g. elevation, ecological sites, etc.)

What You Get

Upon completion of the project, we will create a map booklet which will include detailed maps of the entire ranch, with helpful information to aid in management decisions. You will receive:

  • Three map/report booklets containing 15-20 11x17 inch maps, and relevant explanations of the map data
  • Three 36x48 inch wall maps, suitable for framing
  • Google Earth computer files showing the roads, fences, infrastructure, and water, so that you can explore the ranch on your home computer
  • Insight from Natural Resource Management specialists on how the available resources of your ranch can best be managed to reach your goals

By making a donation to the BRI Ranch Mapping program, you will be supporting the costs associated with mapping your ranch, as well as providing opportunities to train the next generation of natural resource managers.

Contact Us!

For more information on the Ranch Mapping Program, or to set up a consultation, email us at, or call 432-837-8225.