Inspiring Conservation Through Art

There is a unique nexus between the art world and the world of conservation. For eons, artists have shared their vision of the natural world, instilling a deep appreciation for the world around us. Conservation of wildlife and wild places is inextricably linked with art.

The Big Bend region of Texas has been a source of inspiration for artistic expression for centuries. The awe-inspiring landscapes and rich diversity of flora and fauna have been the muse for artists of all kinds, including painters, sculptors, musicians and photographers. As we connect with their work, we make the connection that inspires conservation of these natural treasures.

In 2021, the Borderlands Research Institute launched the Big Bend Artists for Conservation initative to highlight the link between artists and conservation in the Big Bend region of Texas. By sharing their stories and their magnificent creations, we hope to inspire those who are working to conserve the Borderlands region of Texas.

Dr. Louis Harveson and Julie Rumbelow

Photo credit: Ben Masters

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