Landowner Resources

The Center for Land Stewardship and Stakeholder Engagement at BRI is committed to provide the needed tools, resources and information to area landowners and land managers to help them make the most informed decisions about stewarding the properties that they know and cherish.

Far West Texas is still big and untamed, and the clean air, water, dark skies and pristine wildlife habitat is attributed to the large intact working lands we all depend upon for our way of life.

If you have an interest in our West Native Seeds Program and the Habitat and Rangeland Research that helps guide conservation decisions, we can help.

Similarly, we can provide information on the Respect Big Bend process that elevated local stakeholder values of the region, and the associated tool that can help landowners and industry begin thinking about energy development scenarios.

We also provide valuable on-the-ground services through our Stewardship Services program, as well as conservation cost-share information and opportunities.