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Seven graduate students at the Borderlands Research Institute (BRI) at Sul Ross State University have been selected to receive $34,000 in scholarships from five different sources, including the first ever Women in Conservation Science Scholarship from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation (TPWF).
November 1, 2021Stacey Dewald
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While the small towns of the Big Bend region all share a strong sense of community, they also boast an individual culture expressed through a strong appreciation of music and arts. Culture, Music and Arts are unique to the residents and visitors of the Big Bend region, and therefore were ... Read More
September 28, 2021Stacey Dewald
Buzz Cover Ep 5 – Masters and Harveson


Filmmaker Ben Masters believes in the power of a documentary to affect hearts and minds. He has crafted a career making films specializing in wildlife and adventure stories. Take a listen to this conversation between Bem Masters and Dr. Louis Harveson.
September 17, 2021Stacey Dewald
Clay Brewer-near home at Fort Davis-2004


Clay Brewer has been chasing bighorn sheep since he was 11 years old. “My dad spent a lot of time with me and my brothers outdoors,” said Brewer. “We lived in Utah, and I can remember spotting a sheep for the first time and asking my dad if I could ... Read More
September 17, 2021Stacey Dewald
Artists Square – Ben Masters – FINAL


Filmmaker Ben Masters believes in the power of a documentary to affect hearts and minds. “I like to equate it to going to church,” he said. “It’s one of the only places that you have to turn off your cell phone and pay attention to what’s in front of you. ... Read More
September 15, 2021Stacey Dewald
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The Chihuahuan Desert is the largest desert in North America, covering close to 200,000 square miles in Mexico and the Southwestern United States. It encompasses the entire Greater Big Bend region of Texas and is one of the most diverse, arid regions in the world with an extraordinary array of ... Read More
September 13, 2021Stacey Dewald


The Borderlands Research Institute (BRI) at Sul Ross State University and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) are partnering to provide technical and financial assistance to landowners interested in restoring and enhancing wildlife habitat on their land.
August 30, 2021Stacey Dewald
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The Big Bend region is reminiscent of a lost era and tends to attract people who want to escape the hustle of the city and who value a slow-paced, quality-filled life. Community, Safety and Quality of Life are so important to the people of the area, that these three aspects ... Read More
August 27, 2021Stacey Dewald
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The values that locals cherish about the Big Bend region of Texas are the same values that draw people to visit this area. Hundreds of thousands of tourists travel to the tiny towns of West Texas each year, supporting numerous local businesses, which employ many West Texas residents. In fact, ... Read More
August 9, 2021Stacey Dewald
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If there is one term that best describes the topography and biology of the greater Big Bend region, it is diverse. High mountain ranges erupt from sparse desert floors, with grasslands interspersed in the low to mid elevations, and water sources scattered throughout. The high desert ecosystem found in the ... Read More
August 2, 2021Stacey Dewald