Category: Artist Spotlight

Suzi Davidoff


Suzi’s work explores themes of sustainability through intimate drawings and prints that portray fine details of flora and fauna expanded in dreamy layers.
May 18, 2023Shawna Graves
Tim McKenna


If there was a contest for the most interesting man in the world, photographer Tim McKenna would almost certainly be in the running.
December 12, 2022Shawna Graves
Lindy Cook Severns artist


Lindy Cook Severns is a fulltime artist who lives in West Texas, painting the landscapes she loves.
August 25, 2022Shawna Graves


Caroline Korbell Carrington and her husband William spend a lot of time in West Texas making art that depicts the landscapes and wildlife they love.
April 19, 2022Shawna Graves
Artist Instagram – Earl Nottingham


Earl Nottingham has been entranced with photography since he was a kid. His brother gave him a Polaroid Swinger camera when he was ten, and he stalked the neighborhood cats as his photo subjects. In junior high a friend’s dad owned a photography studio and showed him how a film ... Read More
January 31, 2022Stacey Dewald
Artists Square – Mary Baxter


For more than three decades Mary Baxter has made a living as a successful artist, producing hundreds of works inspired by the desert landscapes of West Texas. She has always been interested in art, but after she graduated from college, she didn’t think it could be a viable career.
December 13, 2021Stacey Dewald
Artists Square – Ben Masters – FINAL


Filmmaker Ben Masters believes in the power of a documentary to affect hearts and minds. “I like to equate it to going to church,” he said. “It’s one of the only places that you have to turn off your cell phone and pay attention to what’s in front of you. ... Read More
September 15, 2021Stacey Dewald