Borderlands Research Institute is committed to providing up to date information based on our ongoing research projects to landowners and natural resource managers. Below is a list of some of our more recent research reports. If you would like to request a hard copy of one of these publications, please email us at

BRI Research Reports

gambel's quailGambel's Quail - 2017
Gambel's Quail in Texas: Biology and Management
By Ryan S. Luna, Richard S. Temple, Michael R. Sullins, Louis A. Harveson, Robert Perez, Alfonso Ortega-Sanchez, and Michael T. Gray


native plant Native Seeds - 2016
A Report From West Texas Native Seeds
By Colin Shackelford, Jameson Crumpler, and Louis A. Harveson


mountain lionMountain Lion - 2016
Mountain Lion Ecology and Predator-Prey Dynamics in the Davis Mountains
By Patricia Moody Harveson, Catherine Dennison, Bert Geary, Dana Milani, David Rumbelow, and Louis A. Harveson


mountain lionMountain Lion - 2014
Evaluating Potential for Mountain Lion-Human Conflict in Big Bend National Park
By Patricia Moody Harveson, Louis A. Harveson, Catherine Dennison, David Rumbelow, Skylar Stevens, Bert Geary, and Dana Milani


pronghornPronghorn - 2014
A Research Report on the Restoration and Mangement of Pronghorn in Trans-Pecos, Texas
By Ryan O’Shaughnessy, Taylor Garrison, Justin French, Louis A. Harveson, and Shawn Gray


scaled quailDesert Quail - 2013
A Research Report on Desert Quail Ecology and Management
By Ryan S. Luna, Carlos Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Richard Temple, Brenda Gallegos, Ron Janowiak, Ernesto Gracia, Curtis Greene, Jack Turney, and Louis A. Harveson


pronghornPronghorn - 2012
Trans-Pecos Pronghorn Restoration and Research Report
By Louis A. Harveson, Shawn Gray, Billy Tarrant, James Weaver,
and Justin Hoffman


mule deer buckDesert Mule Deer - 2012
A Report on Mule Deer Research in the Chihuahuan Desert
By Louis A. Harveson, Andy James, Shawn Gray, Reagan Gage, Justin Hoffman, Jose Martinez de la Luz, Alfonso Ortega-Sanchez, and Ryan Walser


mountain lionMountain Lion - 2012
Ecology of Mountain Lions in the Davis Mountains
By Ron Thompson, Patricia Moody Harveson, Louis A. Harveson, Dana Miliani, and Katie Dennison


bighorn sheepDesert Bighorn Sheep - 2012
Restoration and Management of Desert Bighorn Sheep in Texas
By Froylan Hernandez, Louis A. Harveson, Thomas S. Janke, Reagan T. Gage, Clay E. Brewer, Justin Foster, and Shawn Locke