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restorationDesert Tracks - Fall 2016
Featured Article: Mitigating Habitat Disturbance from Oil and Gas Development in West Texas
By Colin Shackelford, Jameson Crumpler, and Louis A. Harveson


mountain lionDesert Tracks - Summer 2016
Featured Article: Evaluating the Potential for Mountain Lion-Human Conflict in BBNP
By David Price Rumbelow and Patricia Moody Harveson


quailDesert Tracks - Spring 2016
Featured Article: The Role of Rainfall in Scaled Quail Reproductive Success
By Ernesto Garcia-Ortega and Ryan S. Luna



pronghornDesert Tracks - Fall 2015
Featured Article: Understanding Diets of Pronghorn in the Trans-Pecos
By Justin French, Ryan O'Shaughnessy, Shawn Gray (TPWD), and Louis A. Harveson


black bearDesert Tracks - Summer 2015
Featured Article: Black Bear Activity Patterns in Big Bend National Park
By Skyler Stevens, Cameron Goebel, Patricia Moody Harveson, and Raymond Skiles (BBNP)


bighornDesert Tracks - Spring 2015
Featured Article: BRI Research Accelerates Desert Bighorn Restoration
By Thomas S. Janke, Carlos Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Joshua Cross, Louis A. Harveson, and Froylan Hernandez (TPWD)



vlsaDesert Tracks - Fall 2014
Featured Article: Using VLSA to Assess Vegetation in Desert Grasslands
By Megan Boatright, Bonnie J. Warnock, and Corey Moffet (Noble Foundation)


mountain lionDesert Tracks - Summer 2014
Featured Article: Understanding Mountain Lion-Prey Dynamics
By Patricia Moody Harveson, Katie Dennison, Louis A. Harveson


montezuma quailDesert Tracks - Spring 2014
Featured Article: A Quail of Many Names: The Mysterious Montezuma
By Curtis Greene and Louis A. Harveson



pronghornDesert Tracks - Fall 2013
Featured Article: Pronghorn Restoration 2013: The Marathon Experience
By Taylor Garrison, Louis A. Harveson, and Shawn Gray


mule deer buckDesert Tracks - Summer 2013
Featured Article: Effects of Supplemental Feed on Mature Mule Deer Bucks
By Andy James and Louis A. Harveson


scaled quailDesert Tracks - Winter 2013
Featured Article: Monitoring Scaled Quail Productivity through Drought
By Richard Temple, Carlos Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Jack Turney, and Louis A. Harveson



native plant materialsDesert Tracks - Fall 2012
Featured Article: Introducing the Trans-Pecos Native Plant Materials Initiative
By Colin Shackelford, Bonnie J. Warnock, and Forrest Smith


mountain lionDesert Tracks - Spring 2012
Featured Article: Assessing Mountain Lion Predation in the Davis Mountains
By Ron Thompson, Patricia Moody Harveson, and Louis A. Harveson


bighorn sheepDesert Tracks - Winter 2012
Featured Article: Restoring Bighorn Sheep to Big Bend Ranch State Park
By Thomas S. Janke and Louis A. Harveson



blackchinned hummingbirdDesert Tracks - Fall 2011
Featured Article: Understanding Hummingbird Ecology in the Big Bend
By Patricia Moody Harveson, Dauna Jo Hodnett, and Josette Delgado


wildfireDesert Tracks - Summer 2011
Featured Article: Effects of Wildfire on Flora & Fauna of the Big Bend
By Bonnie J. Warnock


pronghornDesert Tracks - Spring 2011
Featured Article: Evaluating the Success of Pronghorn Restoration
By Justin Hoffman and Louis A. Harveson



black bearDesert Tracks - Fall/Winter 2010
Featured Article: Identifying Potential Black Bear Corridors
By Cherie New and Patricia Moody Harveson


fire and herbicideDesert Tracks - Spring/Summer 2010
Featured Article: Using Fire and Herbicide to Control Whitebrush
By Iric Burden and Bonnie J. Warnock


elkDesert Tracks - Fall/Winter 2009
Featured Article: Movements and Habitat Use of West Texas Elk
By Brendan Witt and Louis A. Harveson


mule deerDesert Tracks - Spring/Summer 2009
Featured Article: Site Fidelity of Translocated Mule Deer in Mexico
By Jose de la Luz Martinez Garcia and Louis A. Harveson



mule deerDesert Tracks - Fall/Winter 2008
Featured Article: Evaluating Movements of Mature Mule Deer Bucks
By Misty L. Sumner and Louis A. Harveson


pronghornDesert Tracks - Spring/Summer 2008
Featured Article: Assessing Pronghorn Movements Using Genetic Techniques
By Renee Keleher and Louis A. Harveson