The Borderlands Research Institute and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo have teamed up to fund opportunities for undergraduate research in the BRI program. Projects will be funded seasonally or annually depending on project needs, and are available to any interested undergraduate student who fits the required qualifications. Participants will gain knowledge, experience, and professional connections in the field of Natural Resource Management. Presentations concerning research will be made by the student researchers during the Second Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. Undergraduate researchers will also have priority in assisting additional BRI projects (i.e., big game captures, prescribed burns, etc.) as availability permits.

For more information, or if you are interested in applying for one of the current openings, please download the Requirements and Application Information. In addition to providing the application materials for the Undergraduate Research and Mentorship Program, you must also complete a Sul Ross Student Employment Application for the job that you are interested in. The link for the Sul Ross Job Posting can be found next to each current opening listed below, and the Student Employment Application can be found by clicking on "Apply for this Job" on the Job Posting Site. For questions regarding the application process, or the Undergraduate Research and Mentorship Program in general, please contact Thomas Janke.

Current Openings

No Undergraduate Research Positions Currently Available.

Undergraduate Researchers

SilverioJ. Silverio Àvila Sánchez
Project Title:Water Utilization and Lambing Timing of Aoudad and Desert Bighorn Sheep
Graduate Student Mentor: Carlos Gonzalez 


baezaFabiola Baeza
Project Title:Demographics and Timing of Mule Deer Utilizing Protein Feeders
Mentor: Thomas Janke 


benavidezBenjamin Q. Benavidez
Project Title:Big Game Supplemental Feeder Utilization
Graduate Student Mentor: J.C. Kiddo Campbell 


Mark Black
Project Title:Monitoring Barber Pole Worms in Pronghorn in the Trans-Pecos, Texas
Mentor: Whitney Gann 


bustamanteJorge Bustamante
Project Title:Artificial Water and Feed Utilization of High-Fenced White-tailed Deer
Graduate Student Mentor: Daniel Tidwell 


LoveDestinee Love
Project Title:Monitoring Desert Bighorn and Aoudad at Water Sources in the Sierra Vieja Mountains, Texas
Graduate Student Mentor: Jose Etchart 


Medina-NavaCarolina Medina-Nava
Project Title:Age Class Antler Characteristics of Mule Deer in the Trans-Pecos, Texas
Mentor: Thomas Janke 


musickCharles H. Musick
Project Title: Chronology of Shorebirds and Waterfowl at Sandia Wetlands
Graduate Student Mentor: Ryan Anthony 


putmanCody A. Putman
Project Title: Estimating White-tailed Buck Home Ranges Using Trail Cameras
Graduate Student Mentor: Daniel Tidwell 


ritzellAlec D. Ritzell
Project Title: Distribution of Wildlife Documented Pre-Sendero Treatment
Graduate Student Mentor: James Eddy 


VerkZuzu Verk
Project Title:Monitoring Survival and Movements of Pronghorn Fawns in the Marfa Plateau, Texas
Graduate Student Mentor: Claire Veronie 


WilliamsKaitlyn Williams
Project Title:Loafing Habitat of Montezuma Quail in the Capitan Mountains of New Mexico
Graduate Student Mentor: Elizabeth Oaster 


2014-2015 Undergraduate Researchers

Interested in joining our team? Visit the Requirements and Application Information page for more information on applying to our undergraduate research and mentorship program.

The BRI Mentorship Program is proudly supported by an educational grant from the
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo