pronghorn revivalIN THE NEWS

Since 2011, the Borderlands Research Institute has partnered with Texas Parks and Wildlife and private landowners to restore pronghorn populations in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas. These efforts were recently highlighted in a YETI short film, directed by Ben Masters, called "Pronghorn Revival".

You can view the film on the YETI website, and check out Ben Masters' blog on the National Geographic website. You can also read more about BRI's pronghorn research on our Pronghorn Research Page.

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J.C. Kiddo Campbell is a graduate research assistant from Castroville, Texas. As an undergraduate student at Sul Ross, Kiddo worked as a wildlife technician on research projects within BRI's Desert Quail Research Program. Now, as a graduate student, Kiddo is researching the movements, survival, and habitat use of translocated mule deer in Trans-Pecos Texas.

Learn more about our mule deer research on our Big Game Research Page.

ranchmappingNEED MAPS?

Looking to learn more about your property or ranch? The Borderlands Research Institute has launched the BRI Ranch Mapping Program to provide mapping services and custom map products for landowners. This program also provides valuable hands-on experience and training to our natural resource management students.

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