October 26, 2015


mdworkprojectOn October 23rd and 24th, thirteen students from the Sul Ross Range and Wildlife Club participated in a work day on the Black Gap Wildlife Managment Area and El Carmen Land and Conservation Co. property in south Brewster County, Texas. The purpose of the work day, which has co-sponsored by the Mule Deer Foundation, Dallas Safari Club, and Texas Parks and Wildlife, was to build a new wildlife guzzler on each property.

The students worked hard alongside volunteers from the sponsor organizations and the group was able to complete the Black Gap WMA guzzler, and make significant progress on the ECLCC guzzler before getting rained out on Saturday.

The guzzlers are built to collect water from rain and snow, and provide a valuable resource to desert wildlife during drier times. Students participating from Sul Ross included 2 graduate students: Kiddo Campbell, and Karlee Cork; and 11 undergraduate students: Charlie Musick, Destinee Love, Ben Benavidez, Alec Ritzell, James Winn, Cody Putman, Roy Saffel, Dustin Lazenberry, Chris Wood, Scott Lacina, and John Whetstine.