April 1, 2015



On March 27-28 2015, a group of BRI/NRM staff and students traveled to the El Carmen Land and Conservation Company (Adams Ranch) to assist with the annual Texas Bighorn Society work project. There were a total of 8 people in attendance representing Sul Ross including: BRI Research Associate - Thomas Janke; graduate students - J.C. Kiddo Campbell, Ryan Anthony, James Eddy, and Diane Trevino; and undergraduate students - John Whetstine, Cameron Goebel, and Scott Lacina.

The Sul Ross group joined over 100 volunteers in helping install 3 new water guzzlers on the Adams Ranch, and replace 2 worn-out guzzlers at the Black Gap Wildlife Management Area. These guzzlers allow for rainwater to be harvested and stored during rain events and made available to bighorn sheep and other wildlife as needed. The installation and maintenance of guzzlers such as these are one part of a larger effort to protect and restore populations of bighorn sheep in west Texas.

To read more about BRI’s work with bighorn sheep in west Texas visit our Desert Bighorn Sheep Research Pages.